About Us

Our Mission, Vision And Values

Our Mission


  • To achieve its vision of providing quality building services, Engenuity ltd will aim to be a market leader in medium size projects in the commercial and industrial sector


  • Develop operational procedures to facilitate the execution of a project from the initial estimate to final commissioning and handover


  • Provide opportunities to employees to develop their competencies to encourage a higher level of technical knowledge throughout the company


  • Increase focus on administration and project management to improve customer relations and profitablity


  • Provide an efficient maintenance and repair service for ‘after sales’ and for improved customer follow up


  • Comply fully with local and international environmental legislation in order to demonstrate responsibility towards society.

Our Vision


  • Engenuity aims to be a leading building services contracting firm focusing on mechanical electrical and hvac installations.


  • It also aims to provide quality building services installations to its clients in a timely and cost effective manner.


  • The company plans to consolidate operations in Malta in building services installations whilst remaining opening to directly related opportunities which may arise locally or overseas.


Our Values

In achieving its vision and mission Engenuity Ltd will:


  • Provide accurate time and budget estimates to its customers and execute works in accordance with these projections


  • Train and develop employees to perform better than the Industry average and remunerate these employees at above average conditions


  • Invest in equipment and techniques to facilitate installation works so as to reduce danger and fatigue and to improve quality and efficiency


  • Invest in technology to provide efficient operational procedures to maximise output of technical and administrative staff


  • Increase quality based competition in lieu of price based competition


  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations