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GWP (Global Warming Potential) = 1

ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) = 0

The Q-ton heat pump uses a coil of cold refrigerant that absorbs ‘free’ heat from the outside air, and a 2-stage compressor that puts the refrigerant under high pressure in order to raise its temperature. An on-board heat exchanger uses heat from the refrigerant to generate hot water from 65°C to 90°C which is then stored for sanitary use.

Systems can be set up to meet specific requirements, from one 30kW Q-ton unit providing 6,000 litres of hot water a day, to 16 heat pump units in a modular configuration of 480kW, connected to substantial hot water storage tanks. A touch screen controller makes the system simple to operate, while the user-friendly graphic display enables you to easily monitor hot water production and availability.

High Performance - 60°C to 90°C water supply even with outside temperatures as low as -25°C and the ability to maintain 100% capacity down to -7°C

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems air to water heat pump is a complete modern system for heating, cooling and producing hot sanitary water for houses, offering effective energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emission.

  • Our recognised contribution to global environment.
    Our contributions to a low-carbon society encompass the entire product life cycle from efficient production, effective use of energy, effectual utilization of inexhaustible clean energy and recycling. This is a part of our accomplishments through unique technological features.
  • Our assured integration of high 3 technology is the mainstay of low carbon society.
    We have assured integration of high technology in a variety of areas including new clear power generation, transportation system, desalination plant, and wind turbine generator. Our product portfolio covering entire social infrastructure is supported by our proven high technology. We integrate proprietary technologies which have already demonstrated its significant capabilities in their own fields to augment its effects in our total solutions. Our air to water heat pump is an innovative system developed by such integration of high technology.
  • Heat pump technology for low-carbon society.
    Air to water heat pump is a revolutionary energy recycling system which reduces environmental load by reusing heat energy produced in daily life. This first-rate energy saving system has been developed by our exceptional technology.
  • Saving running costs with use of heat pump technology.
    Typically less than 1kW of output heat energy can be produced by conventional oil or gas boilers. Heat pump technology is capable of producing up to 5.32kW of heat energy from 1kW of energy input making the system 5.32 times more efficient than traditional means.


  • R32 refrigerant

DescriptionBHP is the new split type inverter heat pump system, more efficient than standard boiler systems as it guarantees sustainable, efficient heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply in every season.

  • Cooling capacity: 3.20 ÷ 11.50 kW
  • Heating capacity: 4.00 ÷ 16.00 kW
  • Outdoor installation
  • Cooling and heating
  • DHW
  • Inverter rotary compressor
  • Inverter axial fan
  • Water tank
  • Compatible with ModBus protocol
  • Compatible with VMF system (Variable Multi Flow)
  • Wi-Fi