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Mitsubishi heavy industries

The heat pump systems operate with 2 inter-connecting pipes, thus commonly referred to as a '2-pipe system'. These systems provide either a heating or cooling operation to all indoor units and are suitable for a wide range of applications from an individual apartment to an entire multi storey building, especially where there are significant open plan areas to be controlled.The range starts with a 12.1kW cooling capacity, up to 20HP with 56.0kW cooling capacity. Outdoor units can also be “twinned” or “tripled” providing up to 60HP/168.0kW on a single system.The range has a total piping length of 1000m (KXZ)and the furthest indoor unit can be connected up to 160m (KXZ) from the outdoor unit.For more info VRF-2pipe link


The heat recovery systems operate with 3 inter-connecting pipes, thus commonly referred to as a '3-pipe system'.The systems provide both heating and cooling operations to individual indoor units according to the room condition/requirement.VRF-3pipe link


"Micro KXZ series" for small offices, shops and residential applications.Industry leading compact design, energy efficiency, and high reliability from our high technology.VRF-micro link


aermec s.p.a

Aermec offers extremely large range of units with highly customization to meet your requirements, with Chiller Capacities over 2MW and Multipurpose units for outdoor and indoor installation  suitable for the simultaneous, but independent production of hot and cold water. Aermec also provide a complete solutions for vinification and for the entire winery.

Aermec’s dedicated witness testing facilities, principally incorporated within Europe’s largest air conditioning testing chamber, allow single units up to 2MW to be tested at full load. The facilities are used to perform testing on chillers and heat pumps up to 1500 kW chosen by Eurovent for the certification and allow accurate witness testing with precision levels of +/- 0.2°C and ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to +55°C.

Aermec quality is fully certified: since 1993 with ISO 9001, the company quality certificate; since 2002 with Vision 2000, which certifies both the product development and customer service processes; and since 2013 with ISO 14001, which certifies the company’s environmental management process.